At Hilton Head Entertainment, we also get calls from Brides for The Hallelujah Singers to sing at their Wedding on the steps of the church, as the guests are leaving. We usually work with 4-5 singers. Since they can sing acapella, this works perfectly. You might hear Oh Happy Day, This little light of Mine, Angels Watching over me. Marlena or one of her singers may also sing The Lord's Prayer during the Wedding ceremony. This gives the bride and groom and the guests, truly a day to remember.

For a Convention, Marlena Small and The Hallelujah Singers have an amazing presence and a wonderful show. Marlena is a wonderful singer of Blues and Jazz and Gospel music and sometimes they all come into play. She tells wonderful stories and is one of the best front people I have seen in a show. She customizes her program to fit each situation. For a convention at Palmetto Bluff booked by Hilton Head Entertainment for Volkswagen she wrote a jingle especially for their performance. They used The Hallelujah Singers and added 10 more singers for the impact. It was a huge success.

At Hilton Head Entertainment, The Hallelujah Singers have performed for conventions at HH Marriott Hotel, The Westin Resort, The Crown Plaza, and the Hilton Resort and many performances at Palmetto Bluff such as
Volkswagen as mentioned above, National Terrazzo, Credit Suisse, New Skies, Porche, BCBS, The Heritage Golf Tournament, Uniform Laws, Dearborn Financial, Catholic Healthcare, NLGI, ADP, Sprint, Gortons, Creative Memories, Dermik Labs, WORLDCOM, NC Automobile Dealers Association, USC, and the Ohio- Illinois League to name a few.