Mentalist, Psychic Entertainer, Unforgettable.

Will your next event be unforgettable?? Ask a Psychic...................ask Mark Johnson!!! It has been said, "You really need to see him to believe it--- Mark is a master of his Trade--pure entertainment. Mark offers one incredible performance. His ability to engage the mind and entertain the soul is well worth the price of the performance.”

Mark Johnson is one of America’s top-rankedmentalists and mind readers. A member of the invitation-only Psychic Entertainers Association, he can present a full stage show for a convention audience or perform one-on-one at a cocktail party or wedding reception. He is a popular choice for banquets, association events, college audiences, tradeshows and more.

Paul Cramer, Director of the Classic Center in Athens, Georgia, said, “You have to see Mark to believe it. He is a master – pure entertainment.”

Mark fully engages, and amazes, audiences of all sizes by revealing the names of pets, first loves, hometowns and other information about people he has never met. He knows the serial number of dollar bills picked at random, and predicts newspaper headlines days in advance. And that’s just the beginning.

Using handwriting analysis and mentalism, he is also popular and entertaining psychic reader.Hamilton Ray, partner in the Boston-based consulting firm CollectiveNext, said Mark’s show was “amazing … the best I’ve ever seen.”

Mark has appeared at the Punchline Comedy Club and is a regular at Jerry Farber’s Side Door in Atlanta.

Mindsight is a 30-45 minute stage show that's ideal for conventions, banquets, association meetings and any other event where you want entertainment that's unforgettable. It's Mark's signature piece: mentalism, mind reading, predictions, memory demonstrations and much more. It's lots of fun, and the audience is fully involved.

The 30 Minute Show
is a modification of the above and is perfect for smaller audiences or those occasions with limited time for entertainment. It's ideal for civic clubs, community organizations, private parties and other events of this type.

Strolling Entertainment is up close and personal mind reading and mentalism for individuals, couples and small groups at cocktail parties, private events, festivals and more.

Handwriting Analysis and Card Readings for individuals and couples are the perfect unique addition to any event. Each reading lasts about 7 minutes, are pure entertainment, and are the life of the party.