steve_curless1"We don't just play music, we entertain!"

When you leave an event, what do you remember? If it is a wedding ceremony, you remember how beautiful it was. If it is a reception or party, you remember the entertainment and the fun you had. Therefore, when planning an event, your entertainment should be one of your most important decisions.

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About Steve Curless

Steve has been in business 17 years and has opened for such acts as "Billy Ray Cyrus", "Clarence Carter", "The Tams", and "The Drifters."

Steve has over 5000 CD's of all types of music; oldies, rock, beach/shag, R&B, dance, swing, hip hop, etc. and receives an update each week of the newest music on the market of Country, Adult Contemporary, Hip Hop, Pop, Rap, etc.

Steve has performed over 500 weddings and hundreds of corporate banquets, and parties. He is very knowledgeable about how weddings and receptions are performed, and is very capable of coordinating the events for you. If you use a coordinator, Steve will work with them to ensure your reception goes well.

He works well with photographers to ensure they know what is going on so they can be in the best position for photos. He also works with the banquet manager to ensure that dinner is announced, the champagne is poured in time for the toast, and that everything is ready for the cake to be cut at the right time.

Steve does not play rap or profanity unless approved by the host or hostess.

He has all the major line dances, including the Electric Slide, Cha Cha Slide, Mississippi Slide, Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey, and many others, if you would like them played. He has a very good selection of dinner music if it is requested that he plays during dinner or cocktail hour.

He takes requests and interacts well with the guests to keep them dancing. He has two wireless microphones for any toasts or speeches that might need to be made and will gladly make any announcements that are needed. He has an extensive lighting system to add to the ambiance.

He also has Karaoke available (at additional cost) with over 11,000 songs if that is something you desire to have.