David Duckworth, Piano / Keyboards

davidduckworthDavid Allen Duckworth is a multi-faceted pianist and entertainer with a range of styles, David can provide live piano music for special events such as weddings, parties, dinners, receptions, and more. He also works full-time as a producer of albums/CDs and can be contracted for musical recordings and productions.

David began formal music training at age 5. He was fortunate enough to have in the neighborhood Marjorie Gloyd, active leader in the National Federation of Music Clubs. The 13 years under her tutelage included master classes and private sessions with various performing professionals, such as Eugene Istomin, presider of International Piano Competition, UMD, and her son Russell Gloyd, conductor, arranger and producer of Dave Brubeck Orchestra/Quartet and Vince Guaraldi group.

David studied jazz as a child, with various instructors recommended by Mrs. Gloyd, but his chops began to take on a personality of their own when he served as the pianist for the now internationally famous "Boilermakers," based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Under the leadership of Jay and Paul Cosentino, this New Orleans Jazz Band played in various places in the Pittsburgh area for the 18 months David was with them. After moving to Savannah, David has continued to be an active jazz pianist, and has produced four CD's of his own jazz arrangements for Manion Music.

Alisha E. Duckworth, bassist, has been a musician in Savannah almost as long as she has lived here, since 1992. She met her husband David as his guitar student, and soon started leading praise music for Christ Church. Alisha's vocals and guitar playing have been recorded on two albums. As a bassist, her recent performance venues include the MCI Golf Tournament, the Nantucket Clipper cruise ship, and the 2nd Annual Johnny Mercer Festival. She can be regularly heard playing bass violin with David in a jazz trio every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening at the Mulberry Inn in Savannah, Georgia.

The Presentation
When performing as a jazz duo for a party or other event, Alisha plays a Christopher upright bass violin with a Peavy bass amplifier. Where a well-tuned piano is not available, David uses a weighted 88-key keyboard played through a portable 300Watt PA system capable of accommodating a room of 30 to 300 people. The speakers are two-way 10-inch speakers, mounted on stands from 4 to 10 feet high, and produce a high fidelity sound.

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